• Solidparking MPS Car Storage Lift
  • Solidparking car storage lift
  • Solidparking car storage lift
  • Solidparking car storage lift
  • Solidparking car storage lift

MPS Multi-level Car Storage Lift

Multi-stacker Parking Series (MPS) can be considered as a low budget high density parking system. It has the similar operating principle with two post parking and four post parking, but with more spaces vertically in each single unit.

The system is the most ideal parking solution for the car storage purpose. Multi-stacker Parking Series are including 3-floor type (MPS-3), 4-floor type (MPS-4) and 5-floor type (MPS-5). The standard lifting capacity is up to 3000 KG.

MPS Multi-level Car Storage Lift

MPS is a multi-level car storage lift.  It’s a high density car lift which can park 3 or 4 cars one above another vertically at the same time. The design make this lift a perfect solution for smart storage of vehicles.

MPS car storage lift comes with four posts and hydraulic driven. Like most of Solidparking two post car parking lifts, the units can be connected together by the sharing posts. In this way, it can save both space and cost for the final users.

Comparing to other 3-high and 4-high parking systems, MPS is outstanding because of the easy installation and maintenance. The lift has the feature of easy assembly and easy disassembly to meet the purpose of both long term and temporary storage parking.

MPS is a heavy duty lift. The lifting capacity of four post car storage lift is from 2000 kg to 3000 kg depends on the customer requirement. The customization of parking measurements on each level is also available.

In order to ensure the safety, there is a locking system on the cylinder. There are also extra anti-fall slabs on the each corner of the platform. In case there is any unexpected platform falling, the platform will be stopped by the the slabs. To learn more about MPS car storage lift, please send a message to our sales representatives.

  • 2000KGS – 3000KGS Standard Lifting Capacity For Sedans And SUVs
  • From 3-Floor Model To 5-Floor Model To Meet Different Demands
  • High Density Design Perfectly Suitable For Car Storage Purpose
  • Hydraulic Driven
  • Enforced Parking Platforms With Anti-fall Design On Each Corner
  • Position Locks
  • Hydraulic Protection
  • Emergency Stop Button
  • Limit Switch
  • No Power Consumption During Descending
  • Powder Coating Anti-corrosion Finish
Equipment Weight5,000 KG
Lifting Capacity2000KG - 3,000 KG
Parking Height1500MM - 2,100 MM
Parking Width2,100 MM
Parking Length5,000 MM
Anti-fall Safety Device 4 Anti-fall locks on each platform
Additional Safety DeviceLimit Switch
Additional Safety DeviceHydraulic Cylinder Lock
ControllerKey Switch With Emergency Button
Control BoxIntegrated Modules For Simple Wiring
Power Pack7.5 Kw Hydraulic Power Unit
Electrical Requirement220-450 V, 1 /3 Phase, 50/60 Hz
Control Power24 V
Anti-rust TreatmentGalvanizing And Powder Coating
Retrieval Time55 Seconds Per Car


MPS Multi-level Car Storage Lift comes with default 1 year warranty for parts, and 5 years on structural parts such as columns, platforms, carriages and so on.

The warranty is effective immediately from the date the lift is dispatched.

In the warranty period, SolidParking shall replace those parts returned to the factory which prove to be defective. This warranty shall not apply unless the product is installed, operated, used and maintained in accordance with the instructions from Solid Parking.