• Four Post Car Lift
  • Solid Parking Four Post Car Lift
  • Solid Parking Four Post Car Lift
  • Solid Parking Four Post Car Lift
  • Solid Parking Four Post Car Lift
  • Four Post Car Lift
  • Solid Parking Four Post Car Lift
  • Solid Parking Four Post Car Lift
  • Solid Parking Four Post Car Lift
  • Solid Parking Four Post Car Lift

FP-360 Garage Parking Four Post Car Lift

FP-360 can be used for both car parking and car repairing. The major features of FP-360 is Less foundation requirement, easy Installation and heavy duty lifting capacity. FP-360 can be customized on the capacity and lifting height as customers' requirement.

3.6 Ton Garage Parking Four Post Car Lift

Four post car lift is one of the most popular lifts in people’s garage. The individuals love this model for several reasons.

First of all, it can be used for both parking and car repairing. Unlike 2 post service car lift with jack points, the car will be fully parked on the runways of the car lift. It’s much safer in a residential garage.

Secondly, not only for car storage, with the detachable metal covers for the middle gap, the user can also easily turn the lift into an automatic shelf to do item storage. It’s a great way to utilize the garage space.

Also, the installation is very easily to do with.  It doesn’t require much expert experience to assemble the lift. And the installer don’t even need to prepare foundation in some of the cases.

The standard lifting capacity of four post car lift is 3600 kg. After the customization, it can be up to 4500 kg. The lifting height can be up to 2100 mm  and even higher on request.

This car lift comes with fully range anti-fall locks.  As a heavy duty lift, it fully comply with CE standards. And it’s certified by CCQS which is the most recognized and influential CE institution on car lifts.  Furthermore, to guarantee the quality, we use railway production standards and facility to manufacture the lift. In this way, we can make sure our solid parking lifts fully satisfy the customer on both appearance and performance.

The operation for the car lift can be either manual or electrical. For more information about operation, installation and maintenance of FP-360, please contact us here.


  • Sophisticated Product Design
  • 100% Laser Cutting Process For All Parts and Structure
  • 2700kgs Standard Lifting Capacity(5400kgs In The Practical Test)
  • Preassembled Parts For Easy Installation (Referenced Man Hour: Two Skilled Workers For 5 Hours)
  • Sharing Post Design Can Save Both The Cost And The Space
  • Easy Disassembly and Relocation
  • Integrated Control Box For Easy Wiring
  • 17 Full Range Anti-fall Locks
  • 17 Parking Height Positions
  • Full Range Dynamic Anti-Fall Locks
  • Emergency Stop Button
  • Safety Key Switch Controller
  • Limit Switch
  • Hydraulic Overload Protection
  • Anti-Skid Ramp and Platform
  • Anti-rust Smooth Powder Coating Finish
  • Enhanced Anti-rust Hot Galvanized Parking Platform





Equipment Weight900 KG - 1200 KG
Lifting Capacity3,600 - 4500 KG
Parking Height1,800 - 2300 MM
Parking Width2,150 MM
Parking Length5,000 MM
Anti-fall Safety DeviceFull Range Dynamic Locks
Additional Safety DeviceLimit Switch
Additional Safety DeviceHydraulic Parachute Valve
ControllerKey Switch With Emergency Button
Control BoxIntegrated Modules For Simple Wiring
Power Pack2.2 Kw Hydraulic Power Unit
Electrical Requirement220-450 V, 1 /3 Phase, 50/60 Hz
Control Power24 V
Anti-rust TreatmentPowder Coating
Retrieval Time40 Seconds


Garage Parking Four Post Car Lift comes with default 1 year warranty for parts, and 5 years on structural parts such as columns, platforms, carriages and so on.

The warranty is effective immediately from the date the lift is dispatched.

In the warranty period, SolidParking shall replace those parts returned to the factory which prove to be defective. This warranty shall not apply unless the product is installed, operated, used and maintained in accordance with the instructions from Solid Parking.