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  • SolidParking Automated Parking System
  • Solidparking Automated Parking System
  • Solidparking Automated Parking System
  • Solidparking Automated Parking System

PPS Lift-Sliding Semi Automated Parking System

Lift-sliding puzzle parking systems (PPS) can be considered as the most economical automated parking system. The drivers can park and retrieve their vehicles freely by using keypad or IC card.

PPS can also be either electrical motor driven or Hydraulic driven according to the different requirements.

PPS Lift-sliding Semi Automated Parking System (Automatic Car Parking System)

The market for lift Sliding Semi Automated Parking System grows extremely fast in the past ten years. Nowadays, it’s the one of the most popular automatic car parking system. And the major reason of the fact is the cost-effectiveness and better user experience of the system.

PPS is a PLC controlled automated parking system. Therefore, the drivers can park and retrieve their vehicles independently at any time they want. The top parking platforms can only move vertically. And the bottom platforms can only move horizontally. The rest of platforms in the middle floors between the top floor and bottom floor can move both vertically and horizontally.

On the other hand, to access the system, users just need to input the parking slot number on the keypad.  And they can also simply swipe their IC cards on the sensor to get system operating. The control of the automatic car parking system will bring the designated vehicle from the higher level to the ground floor.

Also PPS automated parking system can be either motor type or hydraulic type. The system can be up to 15 floor high for the hydraulic type. And it is up to 8 floors high for the motor type. Each type of the system has its own features. Thus, the final user can choose different type and configurations in the different scenarios.

The standard lifting capacity of the system is 2000 kg. After the customization, it can be up to 3000 kg for full SUV parking. The system can be used for shopping mall parking, hospital parking, airport parking and so on.

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  • 2000KGS Standard Lifting Capacity For Sedans (Customizable For SUVs)
  • From 2-Floor Model To 15-Floor Model To Meet Different Demands
  • Motor Driven/ Hydraulic Driven
  • Intelligent Smart Parking System
  • Freely Access Designated Parking Platform
  • Multiple Choices For Controlling
  • Full Range Anti-fall Ladders
  • Emergency Stop Button
  • Multiple Photocell Sensors Cover All The Angles For Safety Detection
  • Multiple Limit Switches
  • Different Anti-rust Finishing Options To Choose
ModelPPS-2 - PPS-15
Equipment Weight1,100 KG Per Parking Space
Lifting Capacity2,000KG - 3,000 KG
Parking Height1,500 MM - 2,100 MM
Parking Width2,100 MM
Parking Length5,000 MM
Additional Safety DeviceLimit Switch
Additional Safety DevicePhotocell Sensors
ControllerKeypad / IC Card/ Remote
Control BoxPLC Control
Power Pack5.5 KW - 7.5 KW Hydraulic Power Unit/ 2.2 KW - 3.5 KW Motor
Electrical Requirement220-450 V, 1 /3 Phase, 50/60 Hz
Control Power24 V
Anti-rust TreatmentPowder Coating/ Zinc Spray/ Galvanization
Retrieval Time25 - 55 Seconds Per Car


PPS Lift-sliding Semi Automated Parking System comes with default 1 year warranty for parts, and 5 years on structural parts such as columns, platforms, carriages and so on.

The warranty is effective immediately from the date the lift is dispatched.

In the warranty period, SolidParking shall replace those parts returned to the factory which prove to be defective. This warranty shall not apply unless the product is installed, operated, used and maintained in accordance with the instructions from Solid Parking.