• TP-270H Stack Parking Lift
  • TP-270H Stack Parking Lift
  • TP-270H Stack Parking Lift
  • TP-270H Stack Parking Lift
  • TP-270H Stack Parking Lift

TP-270H Hydraulic Stack Parking Lift

Because of the unique design of TP-270H, the end user can save cost on both purchasing and maintenance. In the meantime, the parking time for this model is less than any other standard double cylinder stack parking lift system.

The certified lifting capacity of the product is 2700 kg. It is a great option for regular SUVs and large sedans.

TP-270H Hydraulic Stack Parking Lift

TP-270H and TP-230H are our newest 2 post car stack parking lift models. We have developed this model based on our standard double cylinder type. Instead of using two cylinders, our engineers put single cylinder on the lift at this time. The benefits of this new stack parking design includes easier installation, higher parking speed,  and lower cost on both equipment and maintenance.

Safety is always top priority to any of our parking lifts.  For TP-270H, we still use full-range anti-fall locking design with 17 blocks to give the complete protection to the vehicle during the lifting and descending. The lift has the photocell sensor and the limit switch standard safety features.  Any objective trespasses the lift will stop the lift working immediately. Also, we have the extra lock down button to rest the platform on the post. It’s not a new tech. But it can enhance the safety of both hydraulic cylinder and chains. With 21 major safety protection we have put on the structure, electrical system and hydraulic system, the lift is also granted CE certificate by CCQS like other solid parking lift.

Because of the shorter stroke design of the cylinder, the speed of TP-270H is even faster than our standard two post lift. This will give the user better experience when they do parking by themselves. Additionally, the remote control function can let the user keep the safe distance from the lift. And any malfunction or button release of the remote controller will turn off the lift at once. In this way, we can guarantee the safe operation of any qualified user.

As other solid parking system, we will keep upgrading TP-270H based on the customer feedback and market requirements. For the newest info and lift quotation, please contact one of our sales representatives.


  • 2700kgs Standard Lifting Capacity For Both SUV and Sedan
  • Single Cylinder Design
  • Preassembled Parts For Easy Installation (Referenced Man Hour: Two Skilled Workers For 5 Hours)
  • Sharing Post Design Can Save Both The Cost And The Space
  • Easy Disassembly and Relocation
  • Integrated Control Box For Easy Wiring
  • Multiple Parking Heights
  • Full Range Dynamic Anti-Fall Locks
  • Emergency Stop Button
  • Safety Key Switch Controller
  • Limit Switch
  • Hydraulic Overload Protection
  • Anti-Skid Ramp and Platform
  • Anti-rust Smooth Powder Coating Finish
  • Enhanced Anti-rust Hot Galvanized Parking Platform




Equipment Weight1,050 KG
Lifting Capacity2,700 KG
Parking Height2,100 MM
Parking Width2,100 MM
Parking Length5,000 MM
Anti-fall Safety DeviceFull Range Dynamic Locks
Additional Safety DeviceLimit Switch
Additional Safety DeviceHydraulic Parachute Valve
ControllerKey Switch With Emergency Button
Control BoxIntegrated Modules For Simple Wiring
Power Pack2.2 Kw Hydraulic Power Unit
Electrical Requirement220-450 V, 1 /3 Phase, 50/60 Hz
Control Power24 V
Anti-rust TreatmentGalvanizing And Powder Coating
Retrieval Time35 Seconds

TP-270H Two Post Stack Parking Lift comes with default 1 year warranty for parts, and 5 years on structural parts such as columns, platforms, carriages and so on.

The warranty is effective immediately from the date the lift is dispatched.

In the warranty period, SolidParking shall replace those parts returned to the factory which prove to be defective. This warranty shall not apply unless the product is installed, operated, used and maintained in accordance with the instructions from Solid Parking.