Double Stacker Parking Lift

TP-270 Two Post Car Parking Lift System

TP-270 is the most popular car parking lift due to its performance and reliability. Easy Installation, sharing post design and multiple safety features are highlights of the two-post car parking lift. The product is capable to park two Large SUV Vehicles. 100% structure parts of TP-270 adopt laser cutting process. The certified standard lifting capacity is 2700kgs. In the practical test, the system can lift 5400kgs.

TP-270H Hydraulic Stack Parking Lift

Because of the unique design of TP-270H, the end user can save cost on both purchasing and maintenance. In the meantime, the parking time for this model is less than any other standard double cylinder stack parking lift system.

The certified lifting capacity of the product is 2700 kg. It is a great option for regular SUVs and large sedans.

TP-200 Two Post Garage Lift

A compacted parking lift for home garage and low ceiling parking area. It uses the depth of parking area to minimize the height limit of the lift. This lift is for sedan vehicles only.

FP-360 Garage Parking Four Post Car Lift

FP-360 can be used for both car parking and car repairing. The major features of FP-360 is Less foundation requirement, easy Installation and heavy duty lifting capacity. FP-360 can be customized on the capacity and lifting height as customers' requirement.

TP-230H Garage Storage Lift Systems

The light version of two post car parking lift. It can lift up 2300 kg. The parking height for ground level remains 2100 mm. It's one of the most cost effective SUV parking solution.

IPS In-ground Pit Parking Lift

IPS system includes both cantilever type and four post type. Cantilever IPS can park 2 cars at the same time. Four Post IPS can park up to 4 cars simultaneously.

MPS Multi-level Car Storage Lift

Multi-stacker Parking Series (MPS) can be considered as a low budget high density parking system. It has the similar operating principle with two post parking and four post parking, but with more spaces vertically in each single unit.

The system is the most ideal parking solution for the car storage purpose. Multi-stacker Parking Series are including 3-floor type (MPS-3), 4-floor type (MPS-4) and 5-floor type (MPS-5). The standard lifting capacity is up to 3000 KG.

PPS Lift-Sliding Semi Automated Parking System

Lift-sliding puzzle parking systems (PPS) can be considered as the most economical automated parking system. The drivers can park and retrieve their vehicles freely by using keypad or IC card.

PPS can also be either electrical motor driven or Hydraulic driven according to the different requirements.